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My projects have ranged from articles for magazines, blog entries for websites, product descriptions, business proposals, and grant writing. My range of skills and interests has led me to write about food, lifestyles, travel, health, and more. I’m a quick study in any subject, and I pride myself on my ability to get up to speed quickly and deliver a stellar product—sometimes under tight deadlines.


In a world where search engines favor fresh content, and search engines results drive business, blogs are increasingly important. Following are blog posts published by other outlets:

A Bump in the Road

Selfless Service: How Can I Help You

Living With Intention

Your Future Self: Setting Intentions for 2017

Spring Detox: Daily Routines to Optimize Health


Grant writing:

I’ve written grant proposals for nonprofits around the U.S., including:

  • Hailey Elementary Parent Teacher Association
  • Blaine County Education Association
  • Wood River Valley Lions Club
  • Blaine County Education Association

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