MBSR Testimonials


I appreciate the directed practice because I was not very familiar with meditation and certainly not this variety. I believe our class quickly came together as a group and we were comfortable sharing with others. Each week I came away with something to new to try, and having the class over 8 weeks gave time to process and practice each one. Caitlin has such a calm presence and is very reassuring that there is no wrong way to do something and even when life throws us a curveball, whatever you managed to do that week can be helpful. I recommend this class if your life is great or if you are struggling. Anyone with an interest can benefit. 


I recommended this course for everyone!


Caitlin’s MBSR class has been so beneficial to my daily life. Everyone deals with stress in some form or another, and this class helped me gain a positive perspective on stress and how I can respond to it. After 8 weeks of this class, I have a greater sense of control over my stress and how my mind and body react in each moment. I have the tools to make myself and those around me healthy, which is improving my life every day.